Blood Red Tales

Stories dragged kicking and screaming from the depths of my brain.

"It’s working."  I murmured to myself.  I ran my fingers across my puffed cheeks, around the hollows of my eye sockets, down towards my chapped and bloody lips.  It was striking the difference a week could make to one's appearance.  I had only been on the prescribed diet for a few days but I was already starting to feel so much better.

You should have seen me last week.  I could barely blink my eyeballs were so dry and as for the skin on my face?  Forget about it!  It had been grey and torn like an old rag, sagging over the protruding structure of my skull.

Now that my face had filled out a bit and I had some meat on my bones again, I could almost see the ghost of my previous self.  I smiled at the image in the mirror and bared my teeth.  My choppers were strange things to me now, endlessly fascinating with their sharp points all in a row.  They were looking a little stained though.

I grimaced at the sudden moaning behind me.  I must admit to feeling a bit guilty about Marty, but then again he had offered to help me get well.  It wasn't like I forced him into it or anything.  Perhaps I should have been a little clearer about what helping me would require.

He wasn't likely to miss his left arm that much.  Marty had always been a righty.  Besides, it had tasted ever so good.  He should count his lucky stars that I was able to stop myself from eating the rest of him!

© Sophie J Ball 2010

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